Disability Disability

Each Monday we deliver a pan-ability football session at the Tameside Stadium.  From 5pm – 6pm the under 16’s train and then from 6pm-7pm the 16+ group train.  

Contact Andy Cheshire for more details.

We deliver a weekly football and social session for men with mental health issues each Thursday from 1030-1230. This is in partnership with Community Mental Health Team from NHS.

Every Monday we also deliver a men’s football session to clients from Change Grown Live and Anthony Seddon Fund.  This is primarily to give the guys a fun football session to increase their physical and mental wellbeing whilst meeting new people and increasing levels of confidence and self-esteem.  These sessions contribute to many of the participants’ recovery from addiction and the club are proud to support vulnerable and marginalised members of our local community. 


The following disability sessions take place within schools….

Samuel Laycock – our Disability Officer delivers the full day’s PE provision each Wednesday to students from Samuel Laycock.

We deliver weekly after school pupils from All Saints School and Millbrook.  We also run an open adult session at Thomas Ashton each week.