A-Z: Salkeld

03 Jul 2020 in News

A-Z: Salkeld A-Z: Salkeld

Today we're dedicating the letter S to two people, Jack and Wayne Salkeld, two larger than life characters who play a vital role in the club's development both on and off the field!

Wayne Salkeld has been the club's chairman since May 2019 after Harry Twamley announced his decision to step down from the role. Salkeld previously occupied the position of vice-chairman.

Meanwhile his son and our assistant coach, Jack Salkeld is a former Curzon junior player who has been involved with the club since the age of six. 

Since then, the FA Level 2 coach has now enjoyed four seasons as a coach with the club, having taken up the role when he was 18. Jack not only assists in coaching the first-team, but also coaches for Curzon's junior teams and with the Manchester United foundation.

Both Wayne and Jack are huge parts of this football club and we can't wait to see what the 2020-21 campaign brings! 

Make sure to come back to our official website tomorrow to see who or what we are dedicating T to!

Article by Rob Glover.


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