Address and Telephone

Curzon Ashton FC, Tameside Stadium, Richmond Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL7 9HG

Curzon Ashton Football Club is a limited company, company number 29461R, and has no major shareholder(s).

Main Office: 0161-330-6033

Chairman: Wayne Salkeld
Secretary: Robert Hurst
First Team Manager: Craig Mahon
Youth Team Manager: Paul Walton
Media: Rhys Hastings Owen

The club will do its utmost to respond swiftly to your enquiry. However please be aware that all members of club staff are volunteers, so please give a couple of days before re-submitting your enquiry.

Trials and Merchandising

Players requesting a trial should do so by using the email address and attaching their full playing CV. The club gets a lot of trial requests and so unfortunately cannot guarantee a personal reply to every player, but including as much information as possible in your request will maximise your chances of being contacted.